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Gideon Sawicki

I am from Sydney Australia, born and raised. I have always liked learning from experts to shortcut my success by learning from their successes and failures. Making it easier for me to experiment what to start, improve or stop, quickly and cost effectively. Example going from 118kgs to 82kgs in 6 months.  

I have a knack for challenging and clarifying other’s thoughts. As a Business Analyst, I have turned around multiple projects by helping others discover what they really wanted, where they are now and then helped them reach their goals. If I had to define myself in one word, it’ll most probably be “Optimizer”. That has been a key aspect behind my daily thoughts, actions and decisions. I see Pareto’s principle everywhere, doing the vital few to obtain excellent results, that’s where my value lies, may it be myself, my family, my communities, or you.   

What others say about me is that I am their learning radar uncovering blind spots, focused on actions and objectives, and more than a BA, a Business Coach.  I’ll happily offer you my expertise, should you choose to ask for it, to help you analyze your problems, identify the root cause, and define an optimized way to address it. I encourage others to grow, explore and challenge the status quo. Be ready to be challenged.   

For fun, I enjoy indoor top rope rock climbing, board games and having a laugh… no not long walks on the beach at sunset. 

Live Long and Prosper

Gideon Sawicki

The Growth Guy 

Bachelor of Science - Psychology | Certified Black Belt Lean Six Sigma | XSCALE Business Agility and Product Management Coach

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